Sheep's milk soap - winter orange

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High quality natural sheep's milk soap weighing 100g, with high care for the skin.

Scent of soap - winter orange

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Ovis sheep milk soap is a product of outstanding quality for skin care, in which pure vegetable oil has been saponified and shea butter and almond oil have been added. According to the sort even further oils, such as olive oil, grape seed oil or hemp oil are included. This procedure guaranties that the soap is super fatted, which means that during washing process, more oil is supplied to the skin than it was washed out. Thus, the skin is also cared for and protected with each washing.

However, what sets the Ovis Soap apart from other high-quality vegetable oil soaps is that it contains sheep milk. Not only is sheep milk very high in fat and protein, it also has a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory agents. These ingredients can be easily recognized by the human skin because of their animal origin, and then be absorbed  into the deeper layers of the skin. It has been recognized that this is where sheep milk deploys its nurturing and soothing action. This makes the Ovis sheep milk soap truly agreeable, especially for very sensitive or irritated skins.

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