We are a company which is engaged in manufactoring out of hand made glass beads coil / wounded glass beads and small glass accessories.

For the main glass production are prepared the glass beads coil / wounded glass beads, known as lamp-beads. We further process these glass beads and produce original earrings, bracelets, necklaces and whole kits. Other important parts of our production range are also: glass hearts, miniatures, small glass figures, buttons, glass flowers.

Every single works are hand made and they are produced at gas burner, where are processing the glass sticks with assistance of an iron wire.

Dexterous hands of czech glass workers create these marvellous and beautiful glass works. So that´s why every single work of glass is original.


Our company is located in Malá Skála, near of the towns Železný Brod and Jablonec nad Nisou, in the foothills of the Jizerské Mountains. According to long tradition is this region known as a region of glass industry.

We established our glass workshop in 1990 and we can safely say that we allways convince our customers of first-rate goods. The major part of our production (especially glass beads coil / wounded glass beads) is exported to all over the world and already satisfied many customers. 


We refer anybody to choose only in our goods cataloque. It is no more than specimen of large-scale production. Just as your wishes we can make a brand new design or we can change current design at your´s suggestion.


Every customer can choose among many forms, colours, sizes and their combination.

It´ s only natural that we frost the glass works as well. We use first class silver and pure gold, aventurine glass and aventurine glass rubble for production of items. The basic raw material is a glass rubble of many colours (transparent or rich) in many large-grained variants. Any colours mixing of the glass rubble is possible. We note that the used glass and the used glass rubble is allways czech made.


We are anxious to please every demandes to the satisfaction of customer. That purpose we share.

Yours Perlea